Réseau machines

Find frequently asked questions relating to the networking of the machines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which machines are supported for LAN and Barcode functions?

Only Tajima machines, especially the newer LAN-enabled generation.

What do I need to add barcode licenses to a device?

The device needs to have LAN connections enabled.

If a customer has a version older than 13, can they add LAN licenses to this device?

No, we support only two versions back from the active version. The customer will need to update to DG15.

If the older version did not include a LAN license, would the update or upgrade add the 1 LAN license?

No, if the older version did not include the LAN license, the update or upgrade would not add a LAN license.

How many Barcode options are available?

1 - Free - Machine operator can retrieve the design from the queue once the design has been sent.
2 - Barcode from Folder (payable option) - Designs retrieved locally directly from the folder.
3 - Barcode from Librarian Enterprise Server (payable option) - Designs retrieved from librarian database.

How many LAN licenses are included in a new device?

1 LAN license.

Can a device have fewer Barcode licenses (folder or Librarian Enterprise Server) than LAN licenses?

No, the number of LAN licenses is equal to the number of Barcode licenses.

If a device has barcode licenses included, can I add an additional LAN license without adding a barcode license?

No, once a device has Barcode licenses, any LAN license added will automatically include a Barcode license.

Is DG15 the only software connecting with Tajima LAN machines?

Yes, only DG software is able to connect with Tajima LAN machines.