TAJIMA EUROPE fashion partner!

Strong and lasting relationship between the Maison Mode Méditerranéen (MMM) and the world leader TAJIMA in embroidery machine industry.

Open My Med Prize 2020/2021


TAJIMA will again this year support us, Maison Mode Méditerranée through the OPEN My Med Prize competition. Judges were Mr. Ali Rakib* and a team of experts and they have choosen best creators among 22 countries. For This year,13 laureates were chosen.  As a prize, they will have two years of support on development of their brands.



As like previous years, a collaboration between 
creator and industry will take place allowing
 the winner of the "<strong>TAJIMA FASHION TECH</strong>" 
to make a unique piece of embroidery in 
the Milanese workshop of the <strong>TAJIMA</strong> brand.



*Ali Rakib created the French Company 
FORWEAVERS, specialising in the fair-trade 
of rare textiles from around the world. 
He very quickly became an official supplier to 
the LVMH Group's materials library, a consultant 
for UNESCO, an Anthropologist  for Chanel, 
and Researcher for the French Ministry of Culture. 
However, he makes sure he has time for 
conferences at Science-Po in Paris, 
the Central St Martins School in London, 
the French Fashion Institute in Paris, 
and to teach anthropology in the arts 
at IESA the Arts and Culture School in Paris, 
and at the CASA93 Alternative Fashion School in Paris.