Other products

The laser cutting machine, strassbox, standard and special embroidery threads: TAJIMA has surrounded itself with parners to offer complementary expertise to provided added value to your embroidery and creations.

TAJIMA / ancillary products

Tajima has developed a range of tools to help you in the implementation of your production. These tools meet the specific needs of creativity and market trends.

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SEIT Laser Cutting Machine

A perfect combination, born of the cooperation between SEIT and TAJIMA for laser cutting and engraving on appliqués, fabrics and various materials. Whichever solution you choose, it is perfectly incorporated into your existing embroidery machines and your production environment.

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GEMFIX strassbox machines

GEMFIX brings you the Strass Box pro. machine. This automatic machine is specialised in the production of transfers such as gems, tacks and rhinestone.
Your customisations and various materials are therefore embellished with beautiful features.

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MADEIRA threads and consumables

The wide range of top-quality embroidery threads perfectly meets your embroidery needs. Whether you use a classic or Polyneon, thick or thin, smooth or embossed,metallic ,matte, wooly or luminescent, single, multicoloured or fireproof thread: with MADEIRA you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for!

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Magnetic frames

TAJIMA machines can be equipped with different embroidery frames, depending on your needs: TFA frames of various dimensions, cap frames, pocket frames, magnetic frames and many more.

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Industrial embroidery machines and optional devices

The Tajima Europe team offer you optional devices to equip your industrial Tajima embroidery machines. These devices perfectly meet your specific embroidery needs. Laying rhinestones, laser cutting and engravings are some of the devices you can use customise your creations to the maximum and improve your productivity. Our company will be able to provide you with advice and expertise to meet your specific needs.