Coloreel is the world's first instant thread colouring technology for more durable and creative embroidery!

Unlock your potential

Coloreel is a Swedish innovation company that has developed a revolutionary technology for industrial embroidery.

This innovation allows high quality dyeing of textile thread on demand, opening up a world of possibilities for embroidery machines.

We use this technology both to preserve embroidery know-how and to take embroidery to new levels.


Production workflow


  • Design Idea: Thanks to our technology there are few design limits.
  • Stitch Design: Use favorite software for the stitch design.
  • Color Design: Add the color design and effects in our free colorization software.
  • Embroidery Production: Use the color design file and your stitch design file to produce your #Coloreel embroidery. 
  • Final product: Sustainable and stunning #Coloreel embroidery with the design freesom of DTG Printing.