TAJIMA / ancillary products

Tajima has developed a range of tools to help you in the implementation of your production. These tools meet the specific needs of creativity and market trends.

SPOOL KnitterTSK-1


Different kinds of cord materials for

the Multi Cording Device can be created by knitting threads

such as embroidery thread and lame yarn.













Bobbin Winder TBW-1

Cord materials can be wound uniformly on bobbins

for the Multi Cording Device as the cord material

repeatedly moves across the width of the bobbin.







THUS III - Full automatic bobbin winder

The Automatic Bobbin Winder, TUS III, permits centralization and automation of underthread winding work in multicolor embroidery/sewing shops.
TUS III is a unique and ideal bobbin winder largely economizing underthreads because it completely eliminates underthreads running to waste.Thus Tajima's Automatic Bobbin, THUS III, will be a great help to solve underthread winding problems in your shop. 




  • You just put the bobbins in the saucer and switch on. At most 100 pieces bobbins can be winded in full automation.
  • Thanks to a mechanical thread length measuring means, thread is exactly wound up on each bobbin in a fixed length at all times.
  • Length of thread to be wound up can be easily preset only by turning a contrai knob. ®Threads are always free from smearing with oil.
  • Cutting thread by the movable knife is the secure method. The knife has the long-time Winder,TUSill,will be a great help to solve underthread winding problems in your shop.






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