Software Tajima DG16 Pulse

Unleash your creativity with Tajima DG16 by Pulse and create unique designs with several types of lettering, features, different types of stitching and editing tools, then put your designs online with the brand new Pulse Cloud configurator.


Creation tools tailored to your needs

Features for all levels: Pulse embroidery software connects with Tajima machines, reading and writing all of the most popular embroidery formats. Certain family machine formats can also be used. More than 160 high-quality embroidery fonts exist, with individual printing of fonts. You can convert all stitching files to contour formats and access all designs and threads at any time thanks to the Pulse Cloud. Follow the machine’s condition in real time and edit your production reports.


Everything a new embroiderer needs to be successful

Advanced lettering and outline editing with standard digitizing tools.

Creator Brochure

DG16 Pulse Brochure

DG16 Pulse What's new ?


Les fonctions principales

  • Create Boundary
  • One Click Conversion
  • Unlimited Conversions
  • Vector Import
  • Pen Tool
  • Steil Tool
  • Complex Fill with Holes
  • Satin Path

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The main functions detailed

Run Stitch

Create outlines, lettering and borders with different types of run stitches including bean.


Complex Fill with Holes

Complex Fill with Holes in PULSE software

Complex Fill with Holes


DG will intelligently place stitches around void areas, preserving holes and creating flawless embroidery.


Satin Path 

Satin Path in PULSE software

Satin Path



Create beautiful satin stitches simple by defining a shape and assigning a stich direction.








Other Features with CREATOR Pulse software


  • Color IT/Word IT/ Emoji
  • Brush Tool
  • Drag Paths
  • Combine and Join