Super compact embroidery machine

Bring colour to your business

Enhance your products with embroidery.

SAI offers excellent stitch quality and machine durability which customers and top brands from around the world demand.

Attractive features


Lettering and editing software: "Tajima Writer PLUS"

Start embroidering as soon as your SAI arrives.

Create beautiful embroidered text with the inclusive 38 fonts.
Easily combine existing designs with text.

1,300 inclusive high quality stock designs.

Tajima Writer PLUS is compatible with 64 bit, windows 7 or later operating systems.

Serial features


8 thread colours

8 colours gives you the possibility of creating beautiful designs.

SAI is designed to make changing threads quick and easy.

SAI has the performance, reliability and stich quality of much bigger industrial machines.

Serial features


Bold, yet subtle designs

Designed to be functional by renowned industrial designer Toshiyuki Kita, winner of the 2011 ADI Compasso d’oro International award.

Serial features


Touch Screen operating panel.

Simply designed to help operators quickly and easily learn the functions and operations of the SAI machine.

Serial features


Frame options

- Magnetic frames available in 3 window sizes
5.5” x 5.5”, 6.25” x 8.41” & 8.41” x 9.19”.

- Baseball Cap Frame.

- Pocket Frame.

- Circular Frames in 50, 108, 110 & 138mm.

Feature optional


SAI Machine Stand

Designed to work perfectly with your SAI machine.

Features wire netting sides to easily hang accessories and frames.

Comes with shelves for storing threads & consumables etc.

Castors fitted to make moving easy.

Feature optional

  • 01. Lettering and editing software: "Tajima Writer PLUS"
  • 02. 8 thread colours
  • 03. Bold, yet subtle designs
  • 04. Touch Screen operating panel.
  • 05. Frame options Optional
  • 06. SAI Machine Stand Optional

3 good reasons to choose Tajima SAI

Work with our latest brilliant, reliable and professional machine
it's a nice and efficient user experience.


Tajima SAI maintains a speed of 800 stitches per minute throughout the embroidery cycle, has a fast colour change and thread trimming sequence which helps keep the embroidery time down which equals more embroideries per day.

Quality finish

The SAI has the same stitch quality that is renowned worldwide in bigger machine models.


Designed to be light and easy to transport to any situation such as a factory, retail shop & market stall etc.

Large retailer network available to help you.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the technical specifications of the SAI?

    Number of needles: 8
    Maximum embroidery area: 200 mm x 300 mm / 7.8 inch x 11.8 inch
    Voltage rating: AC 100-120 V, 200-240 V (50/60 Hz) UL Specification only 120 V
    Sewing speed: Max. speed 800 points /min
    Main unit weight (net): 37 kg (82 Ibs)

  • How is the SAI delivered, installed and when do I get my training?

    The retailer in charge of your order provides you with a date of delivery-installation, commissioning and training in your premises. You can then enjoy his visit to review all the issues related to the machine.
    Subsequently, telephone technical support is available.

  • Delivery, installation and training. How long until I will be able to run the machine proficiently?

    The handling of the machine is simple and intuitive, you only need a day of training during commissioning to discuss with the technician the basic features and make your first embroidery SAI.

  • Does the machine require regular maintenance?

    Yes it is necessary to regularly maintain your machine, that is to say the dust and especially to control the points of lubrication that the technician will have shown you. A technical sheet is also available to review all the regular maintenance to be done.

  • What products can I embroider with the SAI machine?

    You can embroider almost all textiles but more commonly sponge bath towels, T-shirts, polos, caps, canvas ...

  • Can I use my USB key to send drawings to the SAI machine?

    Yes you can use a USB key to send your drawings to the machine, even if the most practical is to put your machine and your computer on a network to take advantage of the machine connection.