Brodeuse compacte SAI


Enhance your product through embroidery.
Machines with excellent durability, which offer the high quality embroidery demanded by top brand names.




Tajima SAI machine can embroider 800 stitches per minute while maintaining its speed for the duration of embroidery.

Finishing quality of the points

This model offers a professional finish and retains a large production capacity.

Lightweight and transportable

Due to its design, it is user-friendly in all situations.

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General characteristics

8 thread colors


With SAI, it is possible to embroider designs with threads of up to 8 colors, just like that. Its layout makes it easy to change threads. With a structure that inherits the high performance of industrial embroidery machines, fine lines and wide areas can also be beautifully embroidered.


Functional designer

Functional beauty from industrial designer Toshiyuki Kita.

He was the winner of the ADI Compasso d'Oro International Award in Italy.

Easy operation using a touch panel

Even those new to the art of embrodery pick up on how to use the touch panel to prepare the machine to embroider.

Lettering and editing software "TAJIMA Writer"

Data for monogramming can be combined with pre-existing embroidery data using TAJIMA Writer. Connect SAI to your computer using a network, and Writer will send the embroidery data directly to SAI.

* TAJIMA Writer is compatible with 64 bit versions only of Windows 7 or later.