Multi Cording Device

The multi cording device is the first of its kind in the industry and offers the option to embroider 6 different cording types.

Multi Cording Device for industrial embroidery machines

  • The Multi Cording Device is the first of its kind in the industry
  • Adaptable on single-head and multi-head Tajima embroidery machines

professionnal embroidery machine multi cording device


Multi Cording Device
offers the option to embroider
 6 different cording types.


  • Obtain a soft and fluffy feeling by using textured cord materials.
  • You can make both "Cording embroidery"and "Looping embroidery" !
  •  A soft and fluffy finish is created by the newly developed digitally-controlled presser foot. The height can be controlled according to the thickness/type of materials used. Therefore, your finish will always be to your expectations. 
  • You can run the cord individually, you can also leave the device on the machine while running regular embroidery by simply changing the presser foot.

Examples of realization :

professional embroidey with multi cording