Sequin Device IV

Embroider a range of different sequins: small-diametre sequins, large-diametre sequins, unusually-shaped sequins and asymmetrical sequins.

Sequin device IV - option for embroidery machines

Sequins in diameter of  2 - 22mm are applicable ! 

Wide range of sequins from small to large sizes or in various shapes like noncircular or eccentric type are applicable for creation of you designs as needed, depending on your applications.

  • Stable operation at a maximum speed of 1,000 rpm 

Various kinds of improvements by the change of feed pawl inshape and others have stabilized the feed of sequins ! Higher productivity and quality are well compatible now.

  • Advanced workability 

Drastic review of basic structure of the device has simplified adjustment works to change the size or cutting position of sequins.

  • Friendly to working conveniences 

Sequin feed amount is changeable by the setting on the operation panel. Either manual or automatic operation is selectable to lift up or down the Sequin device. This allows you to speed up related works like threading or replacement of frames.


Applicable model 

  • TLMX
  • TFMX-IIC Type 2
  • TMBP-S