i-TM - Intelligent Thread Management

i-TM foresees the embroidery data, and reels out the upper thread necessary to stitch beforehand and
automatically adjusts the thread tension.

I-TM - Intelligent Thread Management

I-TM embroidery machine

As it is possible to control the usage amount of the thread at will, we will supply our future type embroidery machine that is useful for production management.

Better productivity!

i--TM controls the upper thread tension and thereby solves problems where the under thread shows on the top or puckering of the fabrics.

Count on consistent embroidery quality even for lrge orders that require strictly uniform results.

Higher Work Efficiency!

Intelligent thread management embroidery machine

A single operator can control embroidery quality across multiple machines.

From common embroidery threads to non-twisted threads, it is possible to get a stable embroidered finish without thr precesision adjustement that has been necessary in the past.

Rookie operators will be ready to work straight away!

With Tajima's know-how & experience, anyome can create products with a professional finish by using i-TM.

The multi-head embroidery machine TMEZ-KC incorporates i-TM technology.