Multi-head professionnal embroidery machine


Versatility and effectiveness are the key features of the TFMX-IIC multi-head embroidery machine version 2 by TAJIMA, which facilitates the creation of different types of finished articles, even flat embroidery.


Slim cylinder bed

Its reduction facilitates work on small embroidery zones

Reinforced cap frame

Embroidery is stabilised, rotational speed increased.

Stable stitching

The closed-loop control system of the frame improves precision.

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General characteristics

Tajima's original high technology

Numerous patents have proven Tajima's highly advanced technology


  • Slim cylinder 

With the new type slim cylinder that has been reduced by 12% in width, it is even better for working on children's wear or smaller pockets. 





  • Rotary type thread breakage detection

Stable upper and lower thread breakage detection assures even at
high speeds.




  • Rotary hook <PAT> 

Rotary hooks, developed by Tajima, stabilize stitching even at high speeds. 


  • Embroidery data management <PAT> 

The details of embroidery data can be reviewed (design name, stitch count, number of color changes etc.).

Stable stitching

Closed-loop controlled frame driving system improves accuracy

A sensor constantly detects travel amount of embroidery frame to stop the machine immediately when it is overloaded by chance and prevents loss of the products. The best-suited frame drive activates, depending on the currently applied frames, and you will find embroidery finish as you expected.

Introduction of main shaft driven by AC servo motor

AC Servo motor has been adopted.
Accurate main shaft driving ensures reliable stitching.

Eye-friendly display, Easy operation

Increased processing speed

Fast processing speed to switch display of design or screen improves operational convenience. 

6.5 inch Color LCD panel 

Easy-to-view 6.5 inch color LCD panel and special use keys are located in a compact design to enable operation by instinct. The job currently being embroidered on the machine is displayed on the screen in real time <PAT>. 

Runs on Microsoft Windows CE      Data input/output 



Design data can be input and output using USB memory. 





Sleep mode 

Pressing a single button sets the machine in the standby status to reduce power source consumption. When you apply sleep mode without turning off the main power supply for intermission, you can restart the embroidery machine quickly. 

Cap frame 2


<PAT> (Option) Embroidery on the circumference of caps up to 360mm in length 


Embroidery cap frame

The Type 2 multi-head TFMX-IIC professional embroidery machine by TAJIMA will produce the final article, meeting your production needs for various types of embroidery.

Multi-head professional embroidery machine

Versatility and reliability are the key words characterising this new range. Type 2 TFMX-IIC multi-head come in a diversified  with between 2 and 8 heads and 9 to 15 needles per head.


With the type 2 multi-head TFMX-IIC machine, all your production requirements will be covered. Even in high-speed production (up to 1,000 rpm), the stitching remains stable thanks to a very precise control system for the frame which is powered by servo-motor technology introduced for various series. Cutting edge technology by Tajima is present in all machines, combining the most advanced and reliable features and  mechanisms.


The new cylinder arm, the diameter of which has been reduced by 12% in comparison to conventional cylinders, has widened the le scope of application in order to meet the needs of tubular products such as sleeves and pockets or children’s clothes.


Detection of thread breaks, even when operating the machine at high speed, is guaranteed.


 A wide selection of optional applications and tools are available to produce a wide range of articles:

  • twin type sequin device III,
  • sequin device IV,
  • lockrose device,
  • high-speed KB-2M cording device,
  • boring device,
  • embroidery lamé device,
  • a position marker,
  • an automatic lubrification system,
  • bobbin changer,
  • and a beam sensor.

 Different types of frames can be fitted to multi-head type 2 cylinder TFMX-IIC professional embroidery machines, depending on your needs:

  • tubular frames of various sizes matching your articles (for embroidery on t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets),
  • a new reinforced cap frame,
  • a border frame for flat embroidery on the whole area.

There are many more features to be explored! Let your creative embroidery juices flow with this diverse range of machines!

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