TFGN II is a top-end model for flat type, multi-head, automatic, electronic embroidery machines making the best use of TAJIMA technology.



Great working efficiency

The new central guide thread and the adjustment of thread tension allow you to optimise your work.

Manufacturing value-added products

To refine your embroidery, easily access a variety of thread types

Stable embroidery

Threads can be adjusted on every head for every row of needles

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General characteristics

High Work Efficiency


The newly designed middle thread guide<PAT.P>has halved the thread setting time for one needle compared with our conventional parts. You can set thread tension easily.

Value-added Product Making

Since needle sizes from #9 to #18 can be used, the applicable thread variety from thin thread to thick thread has expanded dramatically. When the Thick thread replacing parts kit attachable/detachable by one-touch operation is used, thick thread embroidery can be done easily. Furthermore, when some refinements are added to the design data, more unique, higher value-added products can be produced.

Stable stitching

In order to keep up stable quality, thread condition should be adjusted according to thread type, fabric and design. The tension and stroke of the thread take-up spring, which have been adjusted for each head, can now be adjusted for each needle bar. Since the adjustment can be made according to thread type and stitching method, product quality can be further enhanced.

For Higher Productivity

The Bobbin ChangerⅡ<PAT> allows the bobbin threads of all heads to be replaced simultaneously. The automatic bobbin thread replacement has substantially saved time, improving production efficiency to a great extent, and drastically decreases the work burden on each operator.

TFGN II is a top-end model in the category of automatic, electronic, multi-head embroidery machines (flat type)which makes the best use of TAJIMA technologies.


TFGN II is a high quality machine with wide-ranging features as well as superior performance levels and the full series of the flagship TAJIMA model has just been updated. High productivity levels, great working efficiency and added value are the key features of this machine which can include 12, 15, 18, 20 and even 30 extra heads!


To be effective, the newly designed middle thread guide <PAT.P> has halved the thread setting time for one needle compared with our conventional parts. You can set thread tension easily.


Furthermore, by using needle sizes from 9 to 18, the thread variety used has been significantly expanded, ranging from fine to thick threads. Embroidery with thick threads is made easy, when the replacement kit for thick removable/ detachable of thick thread is fitted by simply applying pressure. To ensure stable embroidery and maintain a high level of quality, the thread must be adjusted in accordance with the type of thread, fabric and design.


The tension and the movement of the spring thread, adjusted for each head, can now be adjusted for each row of needles.


Since the adjustment can be made in accordance with the thread type and stitch type, the quality of the product can be further improved.


To achieve greater productivity> The <PAT> Bobbin changer Il enables simultaneous changing of bobbin threads on all the heads. Automatic replacement of the bobbin threads is a significant time saver, enabling production efficiency to be improved, and to hugely reduce the workload of each operator.


Various other kinds of optional tools and devices are available to produce a large variety of items:

  • the KB-2M high-speed cording device,
  • a zigzag cording device,
  • a sequin device (twin or single type),
  • a boring device,
  • a embroidery lamé attachment,
  • a position marker,
  • an automatic lubrification system,
  • an automatic frame changer
  • and automatic bobbin changer II.

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