Multi-head embroidery machine


TFSN is a top-end model offering ultimate precision and approaching perfection. The TFSN range is an automatic, electronic, flat type, multi-head embroidery machine, with up to 20 heads, representing the essence of the TAJIMA technical experience as well as brand loyalty.


12-inch, colour LCD control panel

A friendly and more comfortable working environment is brought to you byTajima.

Thread break detection system

A new electronic sensor adjusted from the control panel.

Reliable mechanisms and features

Easily adjustable for optimum production.

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General characteristics

Operation panel


A 12.1 inch color LCD monitor, exclusive graphical user interface (GUI) and touch panel <PAT> are put together to improve operational convenience even more. Also a 32bit CPU is installed to increase image-rendering speed on the screen (improved by 80%, compared with our conventional product). A more comfortable, user friendly working environment is brought to you by Tajima.

Thread breakage detection system




A new electronic sensor has been adopted as a thread breakage detecting mechanism to monitor thread movement at all times. If the upper or under thread is broken, this system detects it in an instant and stops stitching to prevent embroidery production from continuing with broken thread. The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable on the operation panel, depending on the embroidery conditions. <PAT.P>

Middlle thread guide with thread take-up spring <PAT>


The thread take-up spring picks up excess thread and stabilizes the balance of upper and lower threads at high speed and improves thread tension. Thread breakage due tu extra fine satin stitches (2mm or less), needle tip or thread untwisting, etc. has been reduced by 30 – 50% (compared with our conventional specification), and productivity has been drastically improved.

Spiral tube, Take-up lever guard <PAT>

Spiral tubes between the upper thread course stand and individual tension base protect the upper threads against environmental wind, a breeze generated by an air conditioner, etc. and causing threads entangling. Furthermore, originally developed covers are mounted over the take-up levers to prevent threads from being entangled during high-speed operation and to improve safety in work surroundings.

TFSN is a highly precise, top-end model, approaching perfection. The TFSN series, with its flat type, multi-headautomatic, electronic  embroidery machines including up to 20 heads, represents the essence of TAJIMA’s technical experience and the brand loyalty.

Industrial embroidery machine TFSN 

The TFSN series has made high quality and reduced production costs possible. The implementation of production technique and quality control, built up over several years, enables consistency in the production of articles, ranging from the use and assembly of parts to monitoring. The vast experience of its international network allows the development department of the Tajima group to ensure the progress of embroidery machines, taking into consideration the customer needs and competitive costs.


Featuring the very best technology, the TFSN series offers a control panel with a 12.1 inch LCD touchscreen and an exclusive graphic interface to make it easier to operate. The thread-break detection system monitors the thread movement at all times and can detect breaks in the thread in an instant; the embroidery then automatically stops to prevent production with broken thread. The middle thread guide with thread take-up spring picks up excess thread and ensures the balance at high speed between upper and lower threads, as well as improving thread tension. Spiral tubes,located between the top bracket and the individual tension base, protect the upper threads against the wind or a breeze from climatised air thereby providing a warning of thread tangling.


State-of-the-art mechanisms and reliable features are an integral part of every TFSN machine.

These include,to namebut a few:

  • a memory capacity of 2,000,000 stitches to record up to 99 designs,
  • enlargement/ reduction, rotation of designs up to 50% or enlargement of up to 200%, at 1% intervals and turning by 1 degree intervals,
  • automatic repetition of a design up to 99 times, vertically or horizontally,
  • a cleaning function which can easily be adjusted on the control panel to eliminate unnecessary, fine stitches (0.5mm long or less) in the design data for fewer thread breaks and fewer machine stoppages. To boost understanding of production efficiency,
  • production management (number of stitches chosen in the recorded designs, time required for embroidery, number of stitches remaining to pre-defined stops) can be checked on the control panel.
  • A function for checking the layout enables users to check if the design fits the desired embroidery space before beginning. This ensures needles do not accidentally strike the frame during the embroidery process.
  • Origin return can be achieved automatically or manually.
  • Moreover, even if electricity is cut off during the embroidery process due to a power failure or any other reason, the position of the embroidery is stored in the memory of the machine which then simply returns the user to the same position they were at before the electricity failure, avoiding production errors.