Professional embroidery machine


Produce professional embroidery thanks to the single-head TFMX-C embroidery machine by TAJIMA.


Productivity boost

An easy-to-change frame and a wide working space optimise your production

Clear display, easy use

A 17-cm LCD screenand specific, integrated function keys facilitates operations

Stable stitching

The closed-loop control system of the frame improves precision.

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General characteristics

Large embroidery space

Adoption of bridge-type machine structure has provided a deep embroidery space of 450mm !

It is valuable particularly with tubular goods frames or border frame.

professional embroidery machines deep space

Eye-friendly display, Easy operation

Increased processing speed


Fast processing speed to switch display of design or screen improves operational convenience.

Easy-to-view 6.5 inch color LCD panel and special use keys are located in a compact design to enable operation by instinct.

The job currently being embroidered on the machine is displayed on the screen in real time <PAT>.



Runs on Microsoft Windows®CE

Selectable data input / output - Design data can be input and output using USB memory.


Sleep mode

Pressing a single button sets the machine in the standby status to reduce power source consumption. When you apply sleep mode without turning off the main power supply for intermission, you can restart the embroidery machine quickly.  

Stable stitching

Closed-loop controlled frame driving system improves accuracy

A sensor constantly detects travel amount of embroidery frame to stop the machine immediately when it is overloaded by chance and prevents loss of the products. The best-suited frame drive activates, depending on the currently applied frames, and you will find embroidery finish as you expected. 

Introduction of main shaft driven by AC servo motor

AC Servo motor has been adopted.
Accurate main shaft driving ensures reliable stitching.

Networking system, using DG/ML by Pulse

Superior control for increased productivity.

The embroidery machine network creates more efficient working environment.

Design transfer

You can select, import and memorize the designs, which are stored by DG/ML by Pulse in a personal computer, viewing the design list on LCD operation panel of an embroidery machine.

Production control report

Display a production report on the efficiency of your machines, such as total number of thread breakage, etc.., and then output the file. The file can be converted to statistical data, using commercially available software.

Achieve professional results for your embroidery projects with the single-head TFMX-C embroidery machine by TAJIMA.

Industrial embroidery machine TFMX-C

The TFMX range comes in both single-head and multi-head, with cylinder and flat types available, combined with a deep workspace which is very useful to fit tubular frames or the border frames.


A diverse selection of optional applications and tools are available for the production of a large variety of items: sequin device (twin or high-speed type), a high-speed cording device, a zigzag cording device, a boring device and a embroidery lamé device. 


The TFMX-C single-head is the most suitable model for shop productions or indeed small-volume productions. The TFMX-C single-head machine will also allow you to boost productivity thanks to a frame which can easily be changed in a few minutes, by modifying 2 (or 4) screws. The wide work space also allows you to easily create or take apart large products such as heavy vests. 


Even on high-speed production (up to 1,200 rpm), stitching remains steady,thanks to a very precise control system for the frame which is powered by servo-motor technology introduced for this model.


A range of frame types can be fitted to this machine, depending on your needs: 

  • tubular frames of various sizes to match your products (for embroidery on t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets),
  • the cap frame,
  • a cylinder frame for embroidery on cylinder-shaped products such as socks, gloves and bracelets,
  • a border frame for flat embroidery on the whole area,
  • the auto clamp frame which facilitates embroidery on a wide selection of products ranging from rolled fabric to the finished article and all without changing the frame. 

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