Presenting an industry first and new for 2017: thanks to the TMBU-SC single-head embroidery machine by TAJIMA, customisation on large volumes is now possible !



A wider working space

Your embroidery options become unlimited.

Vertically adjustable working table

Items of any size can be set up with absolute ease.

DCP function

The digitally controlled independent presser foot is a revolutionary device developed by TAJIMA.

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General characteristics

Expansion of under machine space


Capable of embroidering on large bags.

By increasing the space under the machine, we have realized space for large and long items like golf bags.

Hydraulic step pump for raising / lowering table


Grâce à la table réglable en hauteur, même les sacs lourds peuvent être brodés.

As the table can be raised and lowered easily. It is convenient to load heavy bags. 

Digitally Controlled Presser Foot "DCP"

Digitally Controlled Presser Foot "DCP" 

Able to embroider on leather without flip-flop

The Digitally Controlled Presser Foot allows the presser foot height to be adjusted on the operation panel.

Fabric fluttering is eliminated, quality is improved, and thread breakage is reduced.

lt is perfect for 3D embroidery. 

Laser Crosshair Marker

The Laser Crosshair Marker makes it easy to position the embroidery correctly.

2017 saw a first in the industry with the arrival of the new TMBU-SC  single-head embroidery machine by TAJIMA : customisation on a large-scale made possible! 

The TMBU-SC single-head boasts both a wider space and a work table which can be adjusted vertically by pressing a pedal. Your list of options becomes unlimited as it becomes possible to work on items that are heavier and bigger than ever before! Placed vertically or horizontally, a golf bag or item of any size can easily fit on the work table which can be adjusted vertically.


A laser cross hair marker is placed directly above the item and the fabric is therefore precisely positioned. The option of LED lighting will help you have improved visibility.


TMBU single-head also includes the independent, digitally-controlled presser foot (DCP): creasing which appears on the fabric during embroidery is eradicated, the quality of embroidery is improved and there are fewer breaks in the thread. The height of the presser foot can be adjusted from the control panel and enables you to embroider on any material, including leather, thick or very fine fabric and even delicated or layered fabric.  


The development of the ‘fine stitch mode- FS Mode - feature reduces the tension on the thread, which comes in useful if you use certain, challenging thread types like twisted threads and you’ll feel as though you’ve produced hand-made or lace style products. 


Various frames can be fitted on the single-head TMBU-SC machine: 

  • a tubular frame,
  • a border frame,
  • a cap frame,
  • a pocket frame
  • and a magnetic frame. 

The multi-cording or embroidery lamé devices are options that can be fitted to the TMBU-SC machine to embroider all your creations and designs.

There are numerous advantages to explore on this model with its unique structure!

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