The TLMX special type multi-head embroidery machine combines both special and standard equipment, with the option of lock-stitch chenille embroidery, taping and coiling embroidery, cords, zigzag swing stitch embroidery. Put all your creative talent to use to create incredible embroidery!


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TLMX type Mix

The mixed type series, integrating lock-stitch chenille embroidery heads and standard embroidery heads in pairs!
High-performance models in drastic pursuit of functionality and operability

Séries TLMX 100 / T00

100 Series is specialized for embroidery with Iock stitch chenille embroidery heads. T00 series is also available with 2 Iock stitch chenille heads positioned in pairs. 

TLMX type triple mix

The triple mixed type joins two lock-stitch chenille embroidery heads and a standard embroidery head! Your embroidery variations will be expanded, using a maximum of 4 kinds of materials. 



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Sequin Device IV

Embroider a range of different sequins: small-diametre sequins, large-diametre sequins, unusually-shaped sequins and asymmetrical sequins.

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Sequin Device III Twin type

It is now possible to embroider up to 4 types of sequins of various size, shape and colour on each head!

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