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A single-head TMBR-SC automatic, electronic embroidery machine by TAJIMA includes innovative technological features.


Les avantages

DCP function

The digitally controlled independent presser foot is a revolutionary device developed by TAJIMA.

Les avantages

Downsized Slim Cylinder Bed

The downsiezd slim cylinder bed facilitates embroidery on pockets and sleeves.

Les avantages

Reinforced cap frame

Embroidery on caps is more stable and faster.

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General characteristics

DCP -Digitally Controlled Presser foot

DCP function

The height of the presser foot can be set to the material thickness on the operation panel.

The Fabric does not flutter even on hard-to-embroider materials like leather, thick fabric, stretchy fabric and quilting.

Slim Cylinder Bed, Reinforced Wide Cap Frame

Narrow Cylindrical Arm & Reinforced Cap Frame

The downsized Slim Cylinder Bed has widened the application range so as to cover tubular products, such as sleeves and pockets.
The reinforced Wide Cap Frame has enhanced the embroidery stability whereby increasing the rotational speed to 1000rpm.


FS ModeThe burden on the yarn is reduced.
The stability and quality of embroidery is improved.
FS mode option parts make it easy to sew with hard-to-embroider thread.


Network data transferEmbroidery data can be easily sent to the machines by connecting the embroidery software to a network.


For name tag embroidery, Autograph is recommended as it simplifies the process. In addition to the DG/ML, it allows for the smoothest design data generation and transmission to the machine.

Electronic embroidery machine TMBR-SC

TMBR-SC is a next-generation embroidery single-head electronic embroidery machine range

TMBR-SC is a next-generation embroidery single-head electronic embroidery machine range

It was put on sale at the same time as the single-head TMBP machine.

It has exactly the same basic features as the single-head TMBP electronic embroidery machine (slim cylinder bed, reinforced cap frame, FS Mode, different types of adjustable frame: tubular frame, the cap frame, the sock frame, the border frame and the air type clamp frame).

What makes TMBR-SC especially unique is its new technology with the arrival of the independent digitally-controlled presser foot (DCP). This revolutionary DCP device, developed by TAJIMA reduces creasing of the fabric which occurs when the material is raised during embroidery, leading to the omission of stitches and cuts et and reduces the quality of the embroidery. The DCP feature ensures the fabric is perfectly preserved.

The height of the presser foot can be adjusted from the control panel and it enables embroidery to be added to any material, including leather, thick or very thin and even delicate fabric, layered materials and embroidery with foam for a 3D effect on caps.

The development of the ‘fine stitch mode’ – FS Mode – reduces the tension on the thread, which could come in very useful for challenging threads such as twisted or very thick threads and you’ll feel as though you’ve produced hand-made or lace style products. Another optional tool is the multi-cording device which can be fitted to the single-head TMBR-SC and which enables 6 types and/or colours for different cords.

Different kinds of frames can be fitted on this machine to provide, depending on your needs:

  • tubular frames of various sizes to match your item (to embroider t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets),
  • the cap frame,
  • a border frame to embroider badges or appliqués,
  • the sock frame,
  • a air type clamp frame.

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