Designed to manage customisation on a large scale, the automation solution by Pulse enables users to manage from 100 to more than 100,000 orders per day and to avoid errors arising from manual entries, achieving improved productivity.

Automation & software solutions for embroidery and printing

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Pulse lD offers two online and offline automation solutions for companies specialising in embroidery, digital printing, laser and rotating engraving, rhinestone and more. 

  • State-of-the-art engines for embroidery, vector data and images
    Scalable engines by PulselD contain sophisticated algorithms which guarantee unmatched efficiency and quality. The engines include a wide range of features, each one with very advanced capabilities. 
  • Advanced API tools (web integration) 
    Enable your developers to create their own apps by incorporating them into our powerful engines through the API toolbox by PulselD. 
  • Online customisation modules
    PulselD offers professional-standard user interfaces for your developers in order to incorporate them into your company’s web solutions. 
  • Automate the production process
    Improve your company’s efficiency and eliminate erros by streamlining your production cycle with the help of PulselD automation solutions
  • Valuable tools for production reports
    Use  PulselD to network and analyse your production processes. Tools for management and producing detailed reports are available through our instrument panels. 

Standardise your production and eliminate costs arising from manual errors 

PulselD’s engines have been specially adjusted for the creation of customisation in large volumes. PulselD offers customisation automation for all types of textile decoration work. 

PulselD’s automation solution 
Directly reads information from the control system to create professional quality files from computer data or online order forms.


Customised designs are automatically generated according to rules defined by the company, and the simulation option enables clients to confirm their order visually before it is sent off for production.





Combine this automation method with the barcode reading system to significantly increase the productivity of your users and enable them to operate more machines at the same time.






Our automation solutions are incorporated into your current production processes no matter what size your company is. Whether you create 100 or 100,000 orders a day, automated customisation solutions by Pulse are instantly customisable to fit your needs.



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