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TAJIMA, a family company founded in Japan in 1944 by Hitoshi Tajima, manufactures single-head and multi-head industrial embroidery machines. TAJIMA EUROPE markets industrial embroidery machines for the Japanese brand TAJIMA.

Tajima and its operations in France

Tajima, a family company founded in 1944, is expanding and began its distribution network in 1964 to market industrial embroidery machines that it manufactures.
Hidetoshi Kojima
Hidetoshi Kojima, Representative of TAJIMA Group.

The brand was introduced in France in 1972 via TERROT France, a company based in Paris, which distributes machines for the textile industry.
In September 2011, TERROT France sold all its embroidery-related businesses to Tajima Europe, a division which is 100% owned by TAJIMA Industries Ltd. The goal of this organisation is both to ensure management of the traditional market and to provide logistical support to other resellers in Europe.
In 2014, Franck Raynal was appointed to head up Tajima Europe and organise the move to La Ciotat. He oversaw the growth of the company, expanding his team from 6 to 10 people over the last 3 financial years.

Tajima Europe, marketer of embroidery machine

With an approach combining both artisinal culture and cutting edge technology, the Tajima group has developed a range of embroidery machines which are reknowned for their quality and marketed by Tajima Europe.

Tajima Europe
Tajima Europe, a distributor of the Tajima group
In 2014 Tajima Europe chose to set up offices in La Ciotat in the south of France, near Marseilles, as a hub for Europe and in order to optimise its international reach.
Tajima Europe is a company which markets industrial embroidery machines and related equipment for the Japanese brand Tajima, as well as machines for other brands which complement the TAJIMA products.
Tajima Europe
Carefully protecting TAJIMA’s heritage from the past whilst developing the innovation of the future.
Tajima Europe

Tajima Europe, a distributor of the Tajima group

TAJIMA Europe acts as a distributor for the TAJIMA group in Europe by purchasing the machines in Japan and storing them.
Its distribution area includes:

M. Franck Raynal, Directeur Général Tajima Europe
M. Franck Raynal, Directeur Général Tajima Europe
To achieve this, the team is composed of 3 technical sales representatives along with an external agent, 2 sub-agents and Franck Raynal, who is responsible for managing large accounts. TAJIMA Europe has positioned itself as a leading player on the market and benefits from the strong reputation of quality which its Japanese brand enjoys.

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