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Autres produits

Tajima Software DG16 Pulse

Pulse embroidery software

Features for all levels: Pulse embroidery software by Tajima Software connects with Tajima machines, reading and writing all of the most popular embroidery formats. Certain family machine formats can also be used. More than 160 high-quality embroidery fonts exist, with individual printing of fonts. You can convert all stitching files to contour formats and access all designs and threads at any time thanks to the Pulse Cloud. Follow the machine’s condition in real time and edit your production reports.

Tajima Europe
Creation tools tailored to your needs
Tajima Europe

Advanced digitizing features for creating premium embroidery

Enhanced Drawing tools and Vector import.

Everything CREATOR offers with the following main functions:

Give yourself the best professional embroidery creation tool

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Illustrator Extreme

The main functions

Chevauchement automatique

Automatic Overlap

Quickly add length to your branched satin path segments to ensure no gaps appear.
Densité graduée

Graduated Density

Create interesting effects by defining different densities in one segment.


Digitize complex shappes while DG takes care of sequencing to reduce travel runs, jumps and trims.
Design catalog for the Web

Design Catalog for the Web

Using a pre-created template and .jpg images, Design Catalog for the Web organizes design images into HTML Web pages. Add the Web pages to your existing online store to reach a larger customer base with your designs.
Image vectorizer

Image Vectorizer

Transform bitmap images into vector artwork almost effortlessly. Generate vectorized images from bitmaps, and then choose stitch types that best suit your design needs.
Offset tool


Create new outlines that are offset a specified distance from the original outline. Speeds up the digitizing process by producing clean shapes.
Piqûres et remplissages programmés

Programmed Runs

Create beautiful linear and fill effects that add originality to your design. Includes over 185 programmed patterns, or create your own, for beautiful results.
Reduce Nodes

Reduce Nodes

Node reduction feature makes it easy for you to reduce the number of points in any artwork, even those you get by automatically tracing design. A dramatic reduction in node points makes it easier to edit designs.
Supprimer les chevauchements

Remove Overlap Stitches

Remove overlapping stitches to avoid layering and costly production issues.
Setting painter

Settings Painter

Copy settings from one segment to another to avoid repetitive time consuming tasks.
Steil to Satin Conversion

Steil to Satin Conversion

Add automatic steil borders along any shape you draw. Great for outlining segments and refining designs.
Symbol tool

Symbol Tool

Save time and avoid repetitive tasks. Save commonly used shapes as symbols for use in all future designs. Includes 200 ready-to-use symbols.
Conversion illimitée entre les types de points

Unlimited conversion between stitch types

You are no longer restricted to one conversion to a stitch type - get the freedom to change your mind on which stitch type is best suited for a specific design.
Vector File Import

Vector File Import

Import vector files (.eps, .ai, .cdr, etc.) or copy and paste vectors from Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW, to keep the original vector points and colors. Quickly convert vectors to any available stitch type for easy embroidery creation
Outil coins arrondis

Rounded Corner Tool

Quickly create a rounded corner from right angles with the rounded corner tool.
Point bourbon automatique square 120

Auto Satin

Quickly create a satin path segment from two overlapping artwork segments using the Auto Satin tool. It will automatically add start and stop points as well as angle lines.
AutoSequence square 120


Take the painstakingly task of correcting your digitized design manually to a few clicks of the mouse. With the AutoSequence feature, you select the sequencing order, trims, starts and stops, and apply lock stitches for the segments that you have selected or the entire design at once.
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Why choose Tajima Software?

Access your embroidery designs wherever your are with Tajima Software! Everything is now accessible from a mobile device, changing the way you manage your business. Create, manage and consult your designs from multiple devices by using the brand new PulseCloud service.

With Pulse DG16 by Tajima Software, 5 progressive software levels provide more than 180 Pulse letterings with the editing of individual characters and advanced features with stitching effects to create premium quality embroidery, not to mention vector features, embellished productivity features and special stitching effects.

PulselD networking enables users to effectively manage production schedules and to accurately monitor everything down to the finest detail. Comprehensive instrument panels and reports are available for the machines as well as the user’s designs and productivity, leading to improved efficiency.

Our automation solutions are incorporated into your current production process, no matter what size your company is. Whether you create 100 or 100,000 orders a day, automated customisation solutions by Pulse are instantly customisable to fit your needs.


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