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Multi-head cylinder type machines

Designed with small and medium-sized industrial production in mind, industrial, multi-head cylinder-type or ‘canon’ TAJIMA machines are suitable for finished garments such as T-shirts, fleeces, sweat-shirts and caps. Certain specific models facilitate embroidery on leather or in small lettering.
Multi-head professionnal embroidery machine


Versatility and effectiveness are the key features of the TFMX-IIC multi-head embroidery machine version 2 by TAJIMA, which facilitates the creation of different types of finished articles, even flat embroidery.
Machine à broder multi-têtes TMAR-KC


The TMAR-KC cylinder-type or ‘canon’ TAJIMA range open the way to version 2, with an even higher performance level in terms of technology. It includes innovative and practical features to produce embroidery to brighten your world.
TMEZ-KC machine à broder Tajima multi têtes


New TAJIMA model for 2020: THE WORD'S FIRST ! An innovative multi-head embroidery machine with automatic thread tension adjustment.
La gamme Tajima TMAR-VC


The TMAR-VC cylinder-type or ‘canon’ TAJIMA range represent the latest innovation by TAJIMA in the latest generation range of multi-head machines. Only available in the 12-head model, this machine is designed for embroidery with cap frames and tubular frames.

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