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La gamme Tajima TMAR-VC


The TMAR-VC cylinder-type or ‘canon’ TAJIMA range represent the latest innovation by TAJIMA in the latest generation range of multi-head machines. Only available in the 12-head model, this machine is designed for embroidery with cap frames and tubular frames.


Les avantages

DCP function

The digitally controlled independent presser foot is a revolutionary device developed by TAJIMA.

Les avantages

Reinforced cap frame

Embroidery is stabilised, rotational speed is increased.

Les avantages

Reinforced work efficiency

Direct command keys have been placed on each head.

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General characteristics

Digitally Controlled Presser foot DCP

Digitally Controlled Presser foot DCP

By digitally controlling fabric pressing, the DCP can be set to the thickness of the fabric so as not to over press the material causing shadows or damage.
Also, by optimizing the timing of fabric pressing, the DCP can suppress the "fluttering" of the embroidery material, beautifully finishing precision embroidery. The DCP is very effective for hard-to-embroider materials like leather, thick fabric, stretchy fabric and quilting.

Direct Command Switch

Various operation switches and multi-color LEDs are located on the each head.


Various operation switches

Since ail of the main functions of the operation panel can be manipulated from each head, the working efficiency of operators has been improved. Commonly used functions may be assigned to the custom switches. (Scheduled for 2016)

Major boost of cap embroidery turnout

Développement important du cadre casquette

Major boost of cap embroidery turnout The newly designed "Cap frame 2" has enhanced the embroidery stability whereby incresing the maximum rotational speed to 1000 rpm.
(900 rpm for +4mm)


Enfilage simplifié du guide

  • Snap-Fit type Middle Thread Guide
    • Easy threading
    • Easy adjustment
    • Easy exchange


  • Tubular Frame
  • Touch Screen Operation Panel

Exclusively designed for embroidery on caps and the tubular application, the TMAR-VC multi-head embroidery machine by Tajima is a large production model
with 12 heads.

Exclusively designed for embroidery on caps and the tubular application, the TMAR-VC multi-head embroidery machine by Tajima is a large production model
with 12 heads.

Industrial embroidery machine TMAR-VC

To craft embroidery down to the the finest detail, TMAR-VC boasts an innovative system known as the ‘DCP feature’ with the inclusion of a presser foot which is controlled digitally from a touch screen operation panel and which enables users to adjust the position from bottom dead centre position as well as the strength of each needle to be adjusted independently.

The stitching strength is thereby configured in accordance with the type of material, which ensures there is no movement of the material and this leads to considerably fewer thread breaks when starting the machine. The independent presser foot allows for ultra precise embroidery on materials such as leather, thick or very fine and even delicate fabrics, layered materials and embroidery with foam for a 3D effect on caps.
Significant changes have been made to the cap frame. It has been reinforced, therefore improving the stability of the embroidery, and also now boasts a potential rotation speed of 1,000 rpm (compared to 900 rpm previously).

Several direct command switches have been placed on each head, giving access to all of the main features: work efficiency is optimised for users, less movement is required.

Other features provide a finishing touch to the TMAR-VC machine include: simplified threading of the middle thread guide (simplified threading, easy adjustments, fast operation), a touch screen operation panel and tubular frames.

Various tools are available as optional extras: a position marker, an automatic lubrification system, a beam sensor and LED lighting.

Various types of frames can be fitted to this machine, depending on your needs: tubular frames of different sizes to match your products (for embroidery on t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets), the reinforced cap frame ‘’2’’ for improved stability.

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