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Pulse DG16 Embroidery Software Training

Pulse DG 16 embroidery software, developed by Pulse, is a professional embroidery pattern digitizing program, specially designed for Tajima embroidery machines.

Thanks to this program, it is possible to transform a design or creative idea into an embroidery file that will be read and then reproduced by the embroidery machine.

Pulse DG 16 is the ideal tool for creating even very complex embroidery designs, which are automatically optimized according to the production parameters of the machines, thus guaranteeing excellent final quality.

In particular, the latest version offers unprecedented design customization possibilities thanks to new fonts, advanced functions, creative embroidery stitches and intuitive editing tools.

In addition, thanks to the online Pulse Cloud platform, designed for file management, it is possible to store up to 100,000 designs online and have control over the status of production remotely.

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