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Sequin Device III Twin type

Sequin Device III Twin type for embroidery machines

It is now possible to embroider a max. of 4 different sizes, shapes and colors on each head!

This next-generation Sequin device permits more design options and improves production efficiency.
In addition to the TFGN Series, it is now installable to the other 3 series of TLMX, TCMX and TFMX.
More colorful and expressive sequin patterns are appplicable on various embroidery designs.

2 types of sequins with differing sizes, colors, and shapes can be mounted at both the right and left sides, respectively, thereby enabling up to 4 sequin types per head. (Sequins with diameter of 3 – 9mm are embroiderable.)

A “low sequin supply” is detected before the reel’s supply of sequins is completely exhausted, and the embroidery machine is stopped at that time, thereby preventing out-of-sequins problems.

This switch is mounted to the front side of the device to move the sequin devices up/down individually, providing easy access for adjustment.

High-speed operation is available at a max. of 1,000 rpm. 2 kinds of sequins can be switched and stitched at high speeds as desired by sliding sequin supply unit to the right or left. (Max. 800 rpm for switching sequins)

Stable up/down motion has been achieved through the adoption of a pulse motor and slide screw thus eliminating the need for pneumatic equipment. Moreover, this mechanism permits 2-step control of the lifter position and saves unnecessary up/down operation, thereby improving production efficiency.

As a result of reviewing the device structure in a slim body, Sequin Device Ⅲ Twin type is now installable even to the TFGN Series 50 or 56 head models with smaller head interval.

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