PulseID Shopify Plugin

Add personalization to your Shopify site and automate production with PulseID! Businesses of any size can now display realistic personalized renderings of all products. Make the best offerings possible to your customers allowing them to choose fonts, designs, colors and locations.

Automate embroidery production with PulseID

The PulseID Shopify plugin supports embroidery, digital print and laser engraving while it automates your workflow from order through production in a single unified administrator for any media type. No development is needed, just a few settings, designs, and fonts.

Pulse ID embroidery software

Seamless Integration with Shopify

This PulseID plugin was specifically designed to work within Shopify and makes things easier for all levels of your personalization business.

Once your customer settles on their design choices and checks out using your Shopify site, orders of any type will be processed and PulseID will print a worksheet that can be scanned at the machine (embroidery, laser, Rotary, Printer) to load the design automatically. 

The hands-off process eliminates errors and reduces time spent on machine setting and operation. 

Complete Customization

With PulseID, you decide exactly which elements are available to personalize with:

  • Easily select and change which fonts and colors.
  • You can assign different design elements to different products.
  • Customize the location and the design area for each specific product.
  • If you have a very large or complicated design, you can set the price to be different than a simple line of text.

Exemple de réalisation avec le plug-in Shopify Pulse ID








Total Automation

This plug-in uses all the power of PulseID automation technology.

There is no need for digitizing or even for manual design creation.

Once a template is set, all orders using that template will be created automatically along with a production-ready file.


Easy to Use

Once PulseID is installed on your Shopify site, there’s no need for any software development. You will be trained to add new templates and new products to your site quickly and easily.

There’s also a helpful PulseID Administrator page that displays status and gives full control of orders and production.