Tajima Europe

TAJIMA EUROPE sells industrial single and multi-head embroidery machines in France, Benelux, Switzerland and Maghreb countries for the Japanese brand TAJIMA.

Our history

TAJIMA, a family company founded in Japan in 1944 by Hitoshi Tajima, manufactures single-head and multi-head industrial embroidery machines. TAJIMA EUROPE markets industrial embroidery machines for the Japanese brand TAJIMA.

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Our business

As a leader in its field, TAJIMA EUROPE’s main goals are to sell and provide after-sales service for TAJIMA embroidery machines and related equipment.

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Our values

Tajima Europe offers its clients the best service possible as the brand distributed is unanimously regarded as the best on the market.

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International Profile

For the last 70 years, TAJIMA has received recognition for the quality of its products, becoming a world leader in its field and constantly improving its machines and equipment as well as developing its international presence.

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Tajima embroidery machines

Located in the south of France, Tajima Europe distribute and handle the after-sales service of Tajima embroidery machines. We advise and support you to make your production as optimal as possible. From machine choice, additional equipment & through to training our expert advice will enable you to achieve quality embroidery. Our reactive team will accompany you in the implementation and development of your project and inform you all about the latest technological developments.