International Profile

For the last 70 years, TAJIMA has received recognition for the quality of its products, becoming a world leader in its field and constantly improving its machines and equipment as well as developing its international presence.

Our international reach


Ever since the beginning of the adventure in 1944, TAJIMA has continuously expanded and developed its facilities.


It all began for TAJIMA with the sale and repair of industrial sewing machines. Over 20 years, the vision of its managers guided the company to what would turn out to be a real success: the beginning of the production and sale of industrial embroidery machines.


Worldwide operations

A series of considerable technological advances drove the company forward, allowing it to expand across the entire world.

  • Tokai Industrial Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., created in April 1944 in Japan; a fully-equipped manufacturing plant for the creation of Tajima embroidery machines.

  • Tajima Industries Ltd., created in May 1970 in Japan; the headquarters which run all the group’s business all over the world.

  • Tajima America Corporation, created in February 1990 in the U.S.A.; a platform for sales and after-sales service for customers in South and North America.

  • Tajima Embroidery Machinery Co., Ltd.; created in November 2004 in China, strengthens the group for the manufacturing and distribution of top-quality products designed for the global market.

  • Tajima Europe, created in September 2011 in France; a platform for sales and after-sales service for customers in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, as well as in Maghreb and in French-speaking Africa.

The company’s reach

TAJIMA can count on the support of both distributors and a network all over the world, with all continents represented. This is a real community, proud to represent a prestigious brand which is universally reknowned.


Tajima's industrial embroidery machines