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Intelligent Thread Management (i-TM) technology extends to all TMCR-VF ranges

TAJIMA deploys the new i-TM technology to all of the TMCR-VF range of embroidery machines.

TAJIMA integrates the new i-TM technologiy into the whole range of TMCR-VF multi-head machine

TAJIMA is expanding its range of embroidery machines equipped with automatic thread tension adjustment technology (i-TM).
Today, to meet market demand, TAJIMA is offering all version of the TMCR-VF 9, 12, 18 and 20 needles equipped with i-TM technology as standard from March 2020 production.

i-TM TMCR-VF-web
Embroidery machine TAJIMA TMCR-VF equipped with new i-TM technology.

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