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The TMCR-VF multi-head, automatic, electronic embroidery machine by TAJIMA is the flagship, latest generation, flat type model combining unparalleled flexibility and sophisticated features.


Les avantages

i-TM I intelligent - Tension Manager

i-TM provides optimal tension adjustement.

Les avantages

DCP function

The digitally controlled independent presser foot, for perfect stability of the fabric during the embroidery process.

Les avantages

Direct command switch

Installed on every embroidery head, your routine actions are a key touch away for improved efficiency.

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General characteristics

Dispositif i-TM | intelligent - Tension Manager

i-TM brings a variety of features to support managers and operators :

  • A digitally managed embroidery finish. The optimum thread tension can always be obtained to suit stich characteristics. Non-experienced operators can get work straight away. Satin stitches will be completed with a softer finish and running stitches will be tightly finished. The stitch tension no matter which type of Satin stitch or Running can be separately adjusted using the operation panel.
  • An improved production efficiency. Upper thread tension adjustment is done in one setting for all heads. This saves on the processing for embroidery production, quickly enabling full production. The trial sewing is faster and automated tension settings can be saved for production on other machines.
  • Achieving a uniform embroidery finish. It suppresses inconsistency in the finish of all heads, since it enables embroidery with the same uniform upper thread tension. Thread tension adjustment data can be exported to other i-TM equipped machines using a USB memory device. If you read in the thread tension adjustment data, adjustment data, finish on all machines that have i-TM installed !
  • Fabric shrinkage is reduced. By supplying the upper thread for the next stitch in advance (advance feeding), the fabric will not crease easily, and you can get a beautiful finish.

Digitally-controlled presser foot DCP


By digitally controlling fabric pressing, the DCP can be set to the thickness of the fabric so as not to over press the material causing shadows or damage. Also, by optimizing the timing of fabric pressing, the DCP can suppress the "fluttering" of the embroidery material, beautifully finishing precision embroidery. The DCP is very effective for hard-to-embroider materials like leather, thick fabric, stretchy fabric and quilting.

FS Mode

tmar 2 fs 1

Preserving the embroidered by hand texture or lace embroidery - Equipped with the FS mode

The FS mode, which has made the TFGN Il Series so sought-after, can optimally tune the embroidery machine, and thereby reduce the burden on the yarn and improve the stability and quality of embroidery.


Furthermore, by using parts specially designed for the FS mode (option), even difficult-to-embroider soft twist thread and thick thread can be embroidered.
*When the FS mode is used, the rotational speed may be lowered.
*The FS mode is applicable only to the tubular frame and the cylindrical frame.

Direct command switch

Various operation switches and multi-color LEDs are located on the each head.


Since ail of the main functions of the operation panel can be manipulated from each head, the working efficiency of operators has been improved. Commonly used functions may be assigned to the custom switches. (Scheduled for 2016)

New Sequin Device “ESQ-C”

tmcr-esqc After simplifying the complicated application of sequins on a large scale, quality improvement and the minimizing of adjustment time has been realized. It has become much easier to change the type and size of sequin at will. The linked bead attachment can also be added as an option.



Supported Sequin size : 3mm dia to 9mm dia. front hole eccentric sequins
Sold separately : 2mm size attachment, Beads device attachment

Electronic embroidery machine TMCR-VF

The automatic, electronic, multi-head TMCR-VF embroidery machine by Tajima is the flagship model for the latest generation flat type machines,combining unparalleled flexibility and sophisticated features.

The automatic, electronic, multi-head TMCR-VF embroidery machine by Tajima is the flagship model for the latest generation flat type machines,combining unparalleled flexibility and sophisticated features.

The TMCR-VF, which came out of production plants in 2016, incorporates the DCP feature and is fitted with an independent, digitally-controlled presser foot. This revolutionary DCP device, developed by Tajima reduces the creasing of fabric which comes about when the material is lifted during embroidery, leading to missed stitches or cuts and reduced quality in embroidery. With the DCP feature, the fabric is perfectly preserved. The height of the presser foot can be adjusted from the control panel and this enables embroidery to be added to any materials, including leather, thick or very thin, even delicate fabric, layered materials and embroidery with foam for a 3D effect on caps.

The development of the ‘fine stitch mode’ – FS Mode – reduces the tension on the thread, which could come in very useful for challenging threads such as twisted or very thick threads and you’ll feel as though you’ve produced hand-made or lace style products.

Several control keys and coloured LEDs have been placed on each head, giving access to all the main features: working efficiency is optimised for machine users and less movement is required.

AND NOW, exclusively available on the TMCR-VF embroidery machine, discover the latest version of the “ESQ-C” double sequin device.

Complex, large-scale fitting of sequins has been simplified, quality has been improved and the adjustment time reduced. It has become a lot easier to change the type and size of sequins at will. There is also the option to add the pearl-fitting device. Various other kinds of optional tools and devices are available to produce a large variety of items:

  • a multi-cording device, enabling embroidery on 6 different types and/or colours cords
  • a position marker, an automatic lubrification system
  • a bobbin changer
  • a beam sensor, LED lighting,
  • a smart bobbin changer SBC
  • and the UBC II automatic bobbin changer.

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