Special machines

Special type TAJIMA industrial embroidery machines open the way to inventive embroidery styles: boucle stitching and chain stitching, taping and coiling embroidery, zigzags and rolled designs! This special equipment fitted to the embroidery heads enables users to embroider very elaborate designs.

Special embroidery machine


The TCMX, special type, multi-head embroidery machine brings together all of TAJIMA’s expertise and the most advanced technology to create high added-value for articles. It opens the way to artistic and creative embroidery styles with the option of lock-stitch chenille embroidery.


Tajima's special embroidery machine


The TLMX special type multi-head embroidery machine combines both special and standard equipment, with the option of lock-stitch chenille embroidery, taping and coiling embroidery, cords, zigzag swing stitch embroidery. Put all your creative talent to use to create incredible embroidery!