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PAX | HAR | PAR Series

TAJIMA PAX is an innovative multi-head special type embroidery machine. It performs perforation, sewing and embroidery work without ever moving the material of the worktop. This allows the user to reach unprecedented levels of precision !


Les avantages


It makes holes of different diameters on leather and eco-leather thanks to special punching heads paired to embroidery heads.

Les avantages


It sews with up to 9 colours of threads with moving the material from the frame.

Les avantages


It decorates materials such as leather, eco-leather and padded materials with unlimited embroidery and patterns.

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General characteristics

Color LCD Control Panel

PAX ecran controle Color LCD Control Panel- Programs jobs easily with just a few keystrokes; call up designs from memory for repeat jobs.

Fonction DCP - Pied presseur indépendant

By digitally controlling fabric pressing, the DCP can be set to the thickness of the fabric so as not to over press the material causing shadows or damage.







Also, by optimizing the timing of fabric pressing, the DCP can suppress the "fluttering" of the embroidery material, beautifully finishing precision embroidery. The DCP is very effective for hard-to-embroider materials like leather, thick fabric, stretchy fabric and quilting.



Tajima PAX embroidery machine is able to sew, embroider and perforate leather, suede, alcantara and laminated skins. It is equipped with a normal embroidery head and a special punching head to perforate the materials deposited on the frame. It is equipped with punches of different diameter.

The Tajima PAX is a versatile multi-head machine designed specifically for the following sectors :

  • shoe,
  • leather,
  • automotive,
  • interior design.

It combines a robust embroidery head with a special punching head able to cutt and pierce any type of leather without leaving traces of dirt or burns generally released by laser technology.

Tajima DG-S software

The embroidery design to be transmitted to the machine can be created using the Taijma DG-S punching software, standard for this model, thanks to which it is possible to create an unlimited number of patterns and designs and convert the data in Illustrator and/or CAD into punching or sewing. This software makes it possible to modify every single stitch or the position of every single hole in order to optimise the final result.

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