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TMBP2-SC TAJIMA machine à broder industrielle.


Tajima TMBP2-SC, our best selling model with enhanced basic performance.


Les avantages

Touch Screen 12.1 inch

The screen features user-friendly icons for intuitive operation.

Les avantages

A slim cubical frame design

This type of machine offers more embroidery space and can embroider large, three-dimensional finished products.

Les avantages

Enhanced cap frame structure

A reinforced arm in the centre of the cap frame eliminates vibrations, resulting in more stable embroidery and improved speed.

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General characteristics

Touch screen and great memory capacity

The large-scale 12.1 inch opération panel is equipped with various convient icons and multilingual displays. A touch panel allows more intuitive operation. Greatly increased memory capacity!

Thread trimming device and cylinder structure

Narrow Cylindrical Arm & Reinforced Cap Frame

The system was revised and the amount of thread tall remaining on the back of the fabric after thread trimming has been reduced by approximately 40%.The picker free mechanism simplifies bobbin replacement. In addition, the rotary hook cover has been improved to eliminate the clearance for the picker, minimizing the risk of snagging.

Enhanced cap frame structure

FS ModeA strong support shaft is installed in the center of the cap frame to eliminate vibration of the drive unit, achieving stable sewing and improved sewing speed.

Design position adjustment function

Network data transferEmbroidery data can be easily sent to the machines by connecting the embroidery software to a network.


By setting any two points, even if fabric patterns are slanted when framing, you can be correct that on the opération panel.


Reduced thread tension. Stability and embroidery quality are improved. The 'fine stitch' mode makes it easier to embroider with thread that is difficult to use on standard embroidery machines.


Transfert de donnée sur réseauLes données de broderie peuvent être facilement envoyées aux machines en connectant le logiciel de broderie à un réseau.


Embroidery data can be easily sent to machines by connecting the embroidery software to a network..

Electronic embroidery machine TMBP2-SC

TAJIMA TMBP2-SC embroidery industrial machine is our best-selling model with enhanced basic performance.

TAJIMA TMBP2-SC embroidery industrial machine is our best-selling model with enhanced basic performance.

Different kinds of frames can be fitted on this machine to provide, depending on your needs:

  • Tubular frames (TFA) in different sizes to match your products (for embroidery on t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets),
  • Cap frame 2. Dimensions 75mm x 360mm,
  • Border frame for embroidering badges or appliqués . Dimensions : 360mm x 500mm,
  • Sock frame,
  • Frame with compressed air clamping. Dimensions 80mm x 120mm / 110mm x 140mm / 140mm x 200mm and pocket frame 90mm x 30 à 258mm
  • Magnetic frame.

See all the options for Tajima embroidery machines. The options available vary according to the type of embroidery machine.

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