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Logiciel Pulse

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Autres produits

Tajima Software DG16 Pulse

Pulse embroidery software

Features for all levels: Pulse embroidery software by Tajima Software connects with Tajima machines, reading and writing all of the most popular embroidery formats. Certain family machine formats can also be used. More than 160 high-quality embroidery fonts exist, with individual printing of fonts. You can convert all stitching files to contour formats and access all designs and threads at any time thanks to the Pulse Cloud. Follow the machine’s condition in real time and edit your production reports.

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The main functions

180 Lettrages

180+ fonts

DG16 features over 180 standard high-quality closest point connected embroidery fonts including specialty and fonts as small as 3mm.
Assistant monogramme

Advanced Monogramming and Lettering

Simplifies the creation of stylized monograms. Easy to use template based designs can be edited and saved for future use. Use any DG16 font and thread chart standard with the software.


A Template is an editable design file with defined elements that can be individually selected and edited to create an entirely new, personalized design.
Ajouter un lettrage aux dessins

Add Lettering to Designs

Merge Designs and add text along any baseline for unlimited logo creation possibilities.
Ajustements manuels du crénage

Auto Kerning Beads for Manual Kerning Adjustments

Automatic kerning beads are created with text for easy manual adjustment of letter spacing by clicking on the bead and dragging the letter into place.


Automatically convert simple artwork into embroidery to create digitized designs. Great for quickly estimating stitch counts for quoting.
Conversion des lettrages TrueType

True Type® Font to Satin Conversion

Convert any True Type font to satin or another available stitch type to instantly expand your lettering offerings.

Corel DrawFusion

Combines the drawing power of Corel Draw with the stitch generation of DG in one window. Make changes to one, and they will be updated in the other.
Mode dessin pour lettrage

Drawing Mode for Lettering

The Bezier and Quickdraw features can help you create lettering for different shapes. When you create lettering with the Text or Line Vertical tools, the drawing mode lets you create your own baseline!


Create interesting effects with a variety of envelope shapes that changes lines of straight text into creative shapes. Edit the Envelope to add more drama to your text.
édition individuelle des lettres

Individual Letter Editing / colors

Resize, rotate, and skew individual characters without having to convert text to segments. Switch from straight to arc to circle baselines easily without the need to recreate your baseline.
Lasso select

Lasso Select

The polygonal shape of the Lasso Select Tool makes selecting close proximity segments easier instead of the traditional rectangular shape of the Select Tool.
Modification des contours

Outline Editing

Resize outlines and the stitch count and density are recalculated automatically. Use parts of multiple stock embroidery designs to make new ones.
Aperçu des dessins

Preview designs on fabrics and garments

Preview finished designs on fabric and garment pieces to get a feel for the final look of the design, using over 30 garment types included in the software.
Fichiers de points

Stitch Files

Easily edit a single stitch or a group of stitches in any machine format file opened in Pulse software.
Ajuster la séquence

Adjust Sew Sequence

Click and drag from the sequence view to change the order in wich your design is stitched.
Are you interested in our embroidery software for embroidery machines ?

Why choose Tajima Software?

Access your embroidery designs wherever your are with Tajima Software! Everything is now accessible from a mobile device, changing the way you manage your business. Create, manage and consult your designs from multiple devices by using the brand new PulseCloud service.

With Pulse DG16 by Tajima Software, 5 progressive software levels provide more than 180 Pulse letterings with the editing of individual characters and advanced features with stitching effects to create premium quality embroidery, not to mention vector features, embellished productivity features and special stitching effects.

PulselD networking enables users to effectively manage production schedules and to accurately monitor everything down to the finest detail. Comprehensive instrument panels and reports are available for the machines as well as the user’s designs and productivity, leading to improved efficiency.

Our automation solutions are incorporated into your current production process, no matter what size your company is. Whether you create 100 or 100,000 orders a day, automated customisation solutions by Pulse are instantly customisable to fit your needs.


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