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Tajima Software DG16 Pulse

Pulse embroidery software

Features for all levels: Pulse embroidery software connects with Tajima machines, reading and writing all of the most popular embroidery formats. Certain family machine formats can also be used. More than 160 high-quality embroidery fonts exist, with individual printing of fonts. You can convert all stitching files to contour formats and access all designs and threads at any time thanks to the Pulse Cloud. Follow the machine’s condition in real time and edit your production reports.

Tajima Europe
Creation tools tailored to your needs
Tajima Europe

The most powerful embroidery design package available

Advanced vector functions, productivity enhancing features, and specialty stitch effects.

Everything ARTIST PLUS offers with the following main functions:

Give yourself the best professional embroidery creation tool

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The main functions

Word IT

Word IT

Add interest to an outline of your choosing by creating a unique collage of words to fit inside
Créer des motifs programmés

Creat Programmed Patterns

Use your creativity to prepare unique programmed fill patterns that you can use to truly a design your own.
Point cascade

Cascade Stitch

Useful in designs where an aesthetic hand sewwn look is desired.
Bourdon complexe

Complex Satin

This is a new advanced stitch type that allows for gaps in satin shapes.
Point E


So called because it creates a stitch which looks like the letter "E" along a line or a shape, this stitch is widely used in applique. It is also very useful in creating embroidery designs like leaves and flowers and feathers. You can also apply E-Stitch along a long, in a satin path or a even in a complex fill shape.
Création de Police

Font Creator

Convert a collection of digitized characters into a ready-to-use Pulse embroidery font. Control kerning and baselines to ensure flawless lettering. Instantly expands your font collection.
Remplissage fractionné

Fractal Fill

Keep stitsh count low as randomly placed run stitches stylishly cover large aeras of design.
Point fourrure

Fur Stitch

This stitch typ creates layers and adds randomness to mimic animal fur.
Outil de remplissage radial

Radial Fill Tool

Add unique radial stitching effects to simple segments. Reposition the center point of the radial fill and watch stitches radiate outwards from that point. This adds a tilted effect to the shape.
Shape Artwork

Shape Artwork

Transform and manipulate artwork segments into new shapes for easy conversion to stitches.
Wave Fill

Wave Fill

Create beautiful flowing stitches using the Wave Fill effect. Wave Fill follows the direction lines of any curves you draw - perfect for creating natural effects like fluttering flags or flowing water.
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Why choose Pulse?

Access your embroidery designs wherever your are with Tajima DG16 by Pulse! Everything is now accessible from a mobile device, changing the way you manage your business. Create, manage and consult your designs from multiple devices by using the brand new PulseCloud service.

With Pulse DG16, 5 progressive software levels provide more than 180 Pulse letterings with the editing of individual characters and advanced features with stitching effects to create premium quality embroidery, not to mention vector features, embellished productivity features and special stitching effects.

PulselD networking enables users to effectively manage production schedules and to accurately monitor everything down to the finest detail. Comprehensive instrument panels and reports are available for the machines as well as the user’s designs and productivity, leading to improved efficiency.

Our automation solutions are incorporated into your current production process, no matter what size your company is. Whether you create 100 or 100,000 orders a day, automated customisation solutions by Pulse are instantly customisable to fit your needs.


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