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Tajima TWMX-C


TWMX-C by TAJIMA is a single-head wide type embroidery machine, with a wide embroidery space of 550 x 600mm, used for those items which require space.


Les avantages

Wide type embroidery

For items requiring wide areas for embroidery such as university blazers and sports jerseys

Les avantages

Several types of frames available

Different frame types and sizes matching your articles.

Les avantages

Thread breakage detecting system

It detects production defects and a tie-off prevents embroidery from continuing with broken thread.

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General characteristics

Thread breakage detecting system

Thread breakage detection system

A sensitive sensor monitors the thread movement at all times.
If the upper or under thread is broken, this system detects it in an instant and stops stitching to prevent embroidery production from continuing with broken thread.
The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted on the contrai panel depending on the embroidery conditions.

The middle thread guide with take-up spring

Thread stabilizer with clamping spring

The thread take up springs pick up excess thread and stabilize the balance of the upper and lower threads during high speed operation improving thread tension.

Thread breakage due to extra fine satin stitches (2mm or less), needle tip or thread untwisting etc. has been reduced by 30 - 50% (compared with our conventional specification).

Take-up lever guard <PAT> paying attention to safety

Thread take-up
Uniquely developed covers are mounted onto the take -up levers to prevent threads from becoming entangled during high speed operation and to improve safety in the work place.

Professional embroidery machine TWMX-C

The TWMX-C professional embroidery machine by TAJIMA is a single-head wide type, with a wide embroidery space of 550 x 600mm.

The TWMX-C professional embroidery machine by TAJIMA is a single-head wide type, with a wide embroidery space of 550 x 600mm.

This machine is used for applications requiring a wide embroidery field such as university blazers and sports jerseys. The area enables embroidery on traditional items like caps, t-shirts and bags.

It includes a control panel with a 2,000,000-stitch memory and a maximum speed of 1,200 rpm.

Its sensor-based detection system for broken thread predicts production faults and a tie-off ensures embroidery does not continue when there is a break in the thread.

Thread tension is improved with the help of central thread stabiliser between upper and lower threads. Thanks to this take up spring, balance is maintained and, for high-speed embroidery for example, thread breaks are limited (less frayed thread, extra-fine satin stitches protected). Single covers fixed on the thread take up lever alsoprevent the tangling of threads on the high speed setting.

Five types of frame can be fitted on the single-head wide type TWMX professional embroidery machine:

  • a wide border frame with an exclusive table for embroidering badges, for example,
  • tubular frames of different sizes to match your products (for the embroidery of t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets),
  • the cap frame for embroidery up to a maximum of 360 mm length around the circumference of the cap,
  • a pocket frame
  • and an auto clamp frame.
Devices of TWMX-C Single Head
TWMX X-axis extension unit (Dealer-installed option)

Border frame with X-axis extension unit (optional device).

Other optional devices which can be fitted to the TWMX-C single-head wide type machine will improve your range of creative options, depending on your needs and applications: a sequin device, a high-speed cording device and a boring device.

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